007 is back!

October saw the return of everyone’s favourite secret agent, Mr James Bond. His last outing being the immensely successful Skyfall. Arguably one of the best Bond films of all time, which meant that Spectre had a lot to live up to.

So the first (and biggest) question is, was it as good as, or even better than Skyfall? The answer differs. If you ask my dad, then yes, yes it was. Because although he agrees that Skyfall is a great film, it wasn’t a “Bond film”. But to him, Spectre, is the perfect Bond film.

My answer, I don’t think it’s as good as Skyfall but I feel it’s on par with Casino Royale. There’s just something about Spectre that I can’t quite put my finger on as to why I thought it was a bit…off.

Daniel Craig was great in it as you’d expect, perhaps even his best and his most comedic Bond appearance to date. Ralph Fiennes is a great M, Ben Whishaw as always, a fun Q and Naomie Harris as the sophisticated Moneypenny once again does a nice job. All are a bit more involved this time around and it works. Because that they (except for the introduction of Moneypenny in Skyfall) are always seen as pencil pushers, it’s refreshing to see them get involved in the action and prove that they aren’t just office bods. Whether this new take on the reoccurring characters continues, we cannot be sure but I for one hope it does. The newest additions to the Bond girls are Monica Bellucci as Lucia Sciarra and Lea Seydoux as Madeleine Swann. I’d of liked to of seen more of the Lucia character and Madeleine Swann was slightly above average, she was just missing (like the film in general) something. Christoph Waltz as Franz Oberhauser was good, he has played the exact same character in past films and alters whether he is the hero or villain. But you can’t argue that the man can steal a scene and out of all of Craig’s Bond films, only Silva is ahead of him in the villain department. Dave Bautista as Mr Hinx was superb, very little dialogue but his actions speak far louder than words ever could, easily the best henchman since GoldenEye’s Xenia Onatopp (or should I say henchwoman). Last but not least Andrew Scott as the troublesome C who’s trying to shut the old fashioned “00” program down. He was (as expected) a great character and was always a thorn in the side of Bond, M and the rest of the gang.  I was worried that he was going to go “Moriarty” on us but he didn’t and this will hopefully help him get bigger and better films than “The Stag”.

Andrew Scott

The story and the way in which the evil organization SPECTRE was revealed all seemed a bit rushed. The way they used characters and plot points from past films to connect the dots seemed silly (admittedly a few did make sense), unnecessary, predictable and one of them perplexed me almost to the point of sheer anger. Saying that though, the opening scene was amazing and there is a fight on a train which is one of the most brutal scenes you will see in a Bond film. The sets, the action sequences, humour and the Sam Smith song ‘The Writing’s On The Wall’ were fantastic and well worthy of any Bond film.

This is my problem with Spectre, I mean it almost frustrates me that I don’t know how I feel about this movie, I try and sum it up in a few words, but nothing! I know that with Bond, things will happen that aren’t logically possible and that’s not the issue here as Die Another Day has already shown us. My concerns with Spectre are not anything big, it’s all the small minor problems I have with it that doesn’t quite make it over the finishing line for me. BUT there are plenty of small minor points that I loved as well. Do you see the difficulty I’m having! For now, I’ll have to leave my answer undecided and will revisit Spectre once it has been released and maybe after a couple of viewings sitting in my living room, I’ll be able to come up with a definitive conclusion. If any of you guys feel the exact same way as me, or feel completely different, then please let me know!

Until next time… 🙂

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