The Wonderful World of YouTube: The TimTracker

A simple question, is there anyone in the world with access to the internet who hasn’t spent hours upon hours of mindless clicking through videos on YouTube until their eyes have gone square…no? Didn’t think so.

People can sit and watch endless uploads of cats being frightened of cucumbers, acapella groups singing medleys of songs or watching the top 50 scare vines. If you can think of it, you’ll probably find it on YouTube.

I, of course, also have my own set of subscriptions that I follow religiously and would like to share one with you today.

It’s no secret to my friends and family that I am a huge fan of theme parks, and in particular the Floridian ones. I have been lucky enough to visit Florida twice in my life and both times were amazing and I hope to make a third visit at some point in the future.

So with my addiction to Walt Disney World and Universal Studios (amongst others) and not being able to visit regularly I needed someone to help keep me up-to-date with the latest goings on in and around the parks. And I just so happened to of stumbled across this YouTube channel several weeks ago.

The TimTracker is purely dedicated to news and events from around the parks which is perfect for what I’m after. Tim (Tracker) and his wife Jen upload a new video every single day which is incredibly impressive as editing a 10-15 minute video can take ages to assemble if you have plenty of footage.

They report from their beautiful home (it has a pool!) which I assume is close to the parks and are lucky enough to visit them almost daily! If there is something new going on at, for example, WDW then Tim and Jen would have been there the same day and will let all (at the time of writing this) 92,000 followers know what it’s all about, if it’s worth it and if they enjoyed it.

Both seem like truly nice people and I am so impressed with Tim’s moustache that I am growing my own but it won’t look as awesome because I’ve got a big fluffy beard to go with mine.

They eat at all the newest (and coolest) places and normally have my stomach rumbling by the end of it. There were some hilarious videos over the Halloween season and I’m especially looking forward to seeing all the videos they upload on the run up to Christmas.

Although these guys have a lot of fun they clearly take time and care in to their videos. It’s great that they have let us all in to their lives and I am grateful that these two people can help feed my theme park addiction and keep me in the loop even though I’m from across the pond.

Thanks The TimTracker, keep up the amazing work you’re doing!

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