Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal

Its (nearly) the most wonderful time of the year everybody! That’s right, Christmas is all but upon us and if you are a festive fan like myself then its time to get the box of seasonal DVDs and CDs down from the attic. Since moving out a couple of years ago I had to start my own collection of Christmas entertainment and I hope you’ll agree that this one should be nesting right at the top.

Home Alone 2: Lost In New York, if this pops up on your TV listings then a reminder or a record is bound to be set. Now although the first one is amazing, the sequel feels very much in similar vein but on acid. I don’t need to bore you with plot details because let’s face it, everyone has seen these films. There are in fact a third and fourth (with a completely new cast) which unfortunately could and should be missed. These sequels also very much in vein to the original but instead of acid, act more like some cheap paracetamol to help cure a headache that never quite goes away.

The fact that this film is based in New York means it’s going to be big and some of the sets and scenery are amazing. Duncan’s Toy Chest being one of my favourites, it makes you want to be a kid again and visit London’s biggest and best Toy Store, Hamleys.

And you can’t forget the booby trapped filled finale at Kevin’s aunt and uncles abandoned house which puts Harry and Marv once again, through hell, and me in fits of laughter. They really amp up the pain factor for the (newly named) Sticky Bandits and the results are hilarious. It’s a tough one but my personal favourite being Marvs run in with a door knob attached to a staple gun, it’s stupid, childish, predictable and gets me every single time.

If there is one person that puts this film above many other Christmas delights then it’s one of the movies other villains, Mr Tim Curry, that makes this an absolute gem. His over the top portrayal of a member of concierge trying to catch out Mr McCallister is quite simply legendary. He and his team try to spoil Kevin’s plans of having a merry Christmas only to be foiled time and again with hilarious results. Every line of his is quotable and his facial expressions are pure genius.

There are plenty more characters and moments in this film that are great but you already know them, I just wanted to share a couple that always stick in my mind and hopefully once reading this you’ll be sticking this one in your DVD player at some point over the next few weeks to relive this classic or to introduce your child in to the possibilities of what could happen if they want to spend the holidays alone.

If you like this then I recommend pretty much any Christmas movie!

So what’s your favourite part or character? I’d love to know. Is there another pain inducing moment of Harry and Marv that tickles you? Is there another Christmas film you think I should be reviewing instead? And how big is your Christmas entertainment collection? Details on how to contact me are in the About Me section.

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Until next time… 🙂

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