A Festive Family Treat!

We’re just over a week away from Christmas Day and I am rather impressed with myself that I have refrained from reviewing each and every Christmas movie good or bad.

If I’m completely honest, this has been the first year where I have barely watched any Christmas films at all! I could count on one hand the festive films I’ve watched this year, not through choice though, it’s just been a particularly busy December but I suppose that’s what being a grown up is (apparently). I really need to pull my finger out over the next few days and get in some of the classics at least. I mean I haven’t even watched National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, I feel like a fraud!

But today I don’t want to mention a film, my chosen video is called Sainsbury’s Christmas in A Day. 100’s of people throughout Britain were given a video camera to film their 2012 Christmas and then in 2013 released a lovely 5-minute advert showing the clips that had been caught on film. Luckily, on YouTube you could (and still can) watch a 48-minute version of it and is easily my most prized DVD in the festive box. I kid you not, I have watched this around 20-25 times this year alone! I always have it on in the background. Last year when we moved in to our new home (on the 18th December), I had it on loop all day and not once did I get bored of it.

If you want to get in to the festive spirit, I couldn’t recommend this video enough. It is such a simple idea and has been put together beautifully with lots of great Christmas music to accompany it.

It’s great to see how different people throughout the country celebrate this time of year, but with the good times, obviously come the sad times. It reminds us that not everyone is as luckily as some and makes me think how truly blessed I am to have my girlfriend, family and friends around me to help have such wonderful Christmases year after year.

So please, if you are sat at home wrapping presents, put this on. It will make you laugh, cry and appreciate what a joyous time of year it is and you might share some of your own Christmas traditions with more people than you think.

Merry Christmas!

Until next time… 🙂

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