A Porta-Loo Sensation!

I was thinking what film should I review before I sign off for the next festive few days and I was going to choose a Christmas classic, but then another film strangely popped in to my head.

It’s a film that is easily in my top 10 of all time and although the majority of people I know have never heard of it, I will normally sit down with them and watch it and feel incredibly smug when they are in fits of laughter and (almost always) want to know where they can get a copy of it and how they can’t believe they’ve never even heard about it before.

This film comes from down under, was released in 2006 and is a mockumentary based on a porta-loo plumber. The movie is called Kenny.

It follows Kenny Smyth (played by the very funny Shane Jacobson) through the day to day routines of his life, whether that means setting up porta-loos for a festival, cleaning out the drains, looking after his son and dealing with his ex-wife, we get to follow him everywhere.

All events that are filmed are real life, the only think that’s “fake” is the characters.

“This sounds a bit pointless” you may ask, but give it a chance. Within 5 minutes of the opening credits you’ll be glad you gave it a try. Kenny as a character is just pure genius. He is certainly not afraid to speak his mind and some of his stories and comments that he has of fellow workers, events and his ex-wife are amazing. You think at the beginning that this is going to be a sad story about a guy who hates his job and has a miserable life. But actually, he loves his job, earns well from it, he is happy with who he is and the only thing he sometimes struggles with is the smell. But who can blame him! He’ll always turn a positive in to a negative and will make you laugh whilst doing so.

Shane Jacobson has done himself and Australia proud with this fantastic movie and if one day I have 1000’s of followers (Pfft! I wish) who I could spread the word about it to, then I will. It really does deserve more acknowledgment elsewhere in the world and I am trying my best to get it well known in Kent at least Mr Jacobson, I really am!

So please, take a look at the trailer and see for yourselves. It truly is a wonderful, funny and heartfelt piece of film and you will not regret watching it.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Until next time… 🙂

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