Another visit to 221B Baker St? Yes Please!

What. An. Episode. I mean wow, just wow. It was the best way to kick off 2016 which I hope and expect to be a big year in terms of film and TV. I resisted the urge to find out as much information as I could about this special episode and I’m glad I did because I had no idea what would happen and some of the surprises where awesome. The New Year’s Day spectacular episode I am talking about is the one and only Sherlock.

This will contain a few spoilers so prepare to be spoilt if you haven’t seen it but if you have then please, carry on reading and enjoy.

Everyone is back in this Victorian rollercoaster titled The Abominable Bride. Sherlock, John and Mary, Mrs Hudson, Lestrade, Molly, (a slightly chubby) Mycroft and more.

The story, set in the 1890’s, finds Sherlock and Watson trying to solve the case of Emilia Ricoletti. After murdering her husband and then putting a bullet through her own head in public, she rises from the dead to take the lives of others.

I was enjoying the “Old London vibe”, that term being used loosely, as the only noticeable difference between that and the modern day setting being the clothes and going from A to B in a horse and cart instead of a taxi. Some scenes had me in stiches, especially the visit to Mycroft and Watsons attempt at sign language. It felt spookier than normal episodes and I was even left feeling a bit creeped out whenever the Bride was on our screens but I think it’s because they cover her face, it just looks weird!

Then they threw a complete curve ball in that Sherlock was awoken from his drug fuelled Victorian Mind Palace and we were now back on the plane where he left us at the end of series 3, I actually yelped with excitement and did not see it coming. From then on we go back and forth within his infamous Mind Palace and the present so he can work out the fate and whereabouts of his ultimate enemy, Moriarty.

Once again these guys had some incredible scenes together and the climax was amazing and left me almost speechless but sadly it looks like that will be the last we’ll ever see of Sherlock’s nemesis in the flesh. It doesn’t necessarily mean that there are no more of Moriarty’s evil schemes set in place for series 4 but knowing that we’ll never see these 2 share a cup of tea ever again is a bit depressing.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Abominable Bride story but I feel had Moriarty not of made an appearance then I would of been left a bit…cheated. However, I should not have concerned myself as Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss knew exactly what they were doing and far exceeded my expectations as I was only craving a cameo appearance by Andrew Scott, so to get what we got left me almost delirious. I’ve spoken about it before but Scott’s Moriarty is by far my favourite villain of all time! Some have come close but he is just so evil and sadistic yet has a quiet charm and like-able characteristics that I find him hard not to, well, like.

Which can only lead to one thing, what the hell are they going to do in series 4!?! Surely Moriarty will cause havoc beyond the grave but has he organised a living accomplice? And will they be able to handle Sherlock’s presence? What about John, Mary and their unborn child? And does Moriarty have deadly plans set in place for them too?

What I’d like to see from the fourth series is a big death, although I’d hate to lose any of the regular cast I feel like them killing off Mycroft, Molly or Lestrade would really shake things up and take it to the next level!

So what about you guys? What would you like to see in series 4? Do you think that Moriarty is REALLY dead?


Until next time… 🙂

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