Guilty? Or Not Guilty?

Apologies for my lateness in posting, I was intending on writing a review at the beginning of the week but my ear and the infection it got had other ideas. Nevertheless, I’m on the mend so straight back to it!

Today is about a programme that has got the whole world talking, even attempting to get the President of the United States involved and seeing countless posts of “real reasons he was found guilty” or “the evidence that Netflix didn’t want to show us”. This is of course Netflix’s Making a Murderer.

This documentary follows Steven Avery and his wrongful conviction in 1985, finally released 18 years later in 2003, he seeks to get compensation of his lost years. But a young photographer is murdered on his family’s auto yard and he is the no.1 suspect.

I, like many others, was hooked from the first episode. I flew through this series getting more and more irate with each passing episode, shouting at the screen, tutting with disgust and banishing my girlfriend from the living room as any comment she made was answered back with a stern “SSSSHHHHHH” from me. So, to Lauren, I apologise but I think deep down she understood.

You really had to pay attention to everything and everyone so after having to rewind every so often to double check what was said or shown, what should have been an hour turned in to a 90-minute episode.

I really felt for Steven, especially for the first crime that he supposedly committed and of course we’ll never know exactly what Netflix left out but after hearing some of the evidence and going on what we, the viewers, were shown, how on earth could they of found him guilty.

Then on to the Teresa Halbach case. It’s terrible and I feel for the family’s loss but you can’t help feel for Steven and his family too because, and again, purely from what we as viewers have been shown, it’s clear that he was innocent.

Now with regards to his nephew I felt less compassion. I know he wasn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer and from watching the videos of interviews and phone calls they did put words in to his mouth. BUT when at one point he admits to helping his uncle commit all those horrific acts and then turns round and said that it never happened, it made my blood boil. “MAKE UP YOUR MIND!” I often found myself screaming (maybe with a bit of profanity thrown in for good measure) time and time again.

I will admit when Brendan first reported the claims he helped his Uncle Steve I did think (and this was the only time throughout the entire series) Steven was guilty but that idea quickly vanished with Brendan’s ever changing story.

Things like the blood sample being tampered with, the car keys appearing on the 7th search, no evidence of Teresa’s blood or DNA from Steven’s room all make it seemingly clear that he is not guilty. I’ve seen there is a petition with what is now 380,000 signatures but I doubt it will get them anywhere. As much as I’d like to see Steven Avery prove it wasn’t him I sadly can’t see this happening and most likely an innocent man will spend the rest of his days in prison. I would like to be proved wrong though.

I couldn’t stand prosecutor Ken Kratz. Whenever he was being interviewed he had a sort of villainous grin that I just wanted to slap, in fact he reminded me of Danny DeVito’s Penguin. But on would walk the defence lawyers Dean Strang and Jerry Buting like an unmasked Batman and Robin to give their take on the day’s happenings. In this battle though, the hero’s lost.

Overall the series was fantastic, emotional and had me expressing feelings for a program I never thought was possible. I am sure I will have many discussions about this with friends over the coming months, although I will be surprised if they end in heated ones as I am certain we will agree with the majority of the public that Steve Avery is an innocent man, all he needs to do is prove it.


Until next time… 🙂


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