65 million + 22 years in the making

Last night I was in the same old conundrum of what I was going to watch. I scoured through Netflix and Amazon and nothing inspired me. I then look through my blu rays and saw a film sitting there that I haven’t watched since it was released last summer and I think you’ll agree, it done alright at the box office.

Being a child of the 90’s, the original film blew my mind. In fact, the effects are still better than 60-70% of films we see today. Its following 2 sequels are less impressive but still hold a place in my heart simply because they involve dinosaurs and let’s face it, dinosaurs are cool. So it comes as no surprise that the film I’m talking about is the hugely popular Jurassic World!

Before I even get started on the film I must mention the viral website that was created before its cinematic release (www.jurassicworld.com). When I first checked it out you could browse through it like you would any normal theme park website. And after the film’s debut, the website got even cooler, its webcams showed abandoned rides, 1000’s of screaming people running for their lives and all of a sudden security warnings were popping up ever where. It was amazing and really helped in giving everyone that little extra slice of excitement for the movie. I’ve just looked and the website is still running, go check it out, it’s brilliant.

I just love how awesome this movie was, I tried to keep my expectations as low as I could but I needn’t have worried. It still baffles me how some people can slam this movie so much. We knew it was never going to get any Oscar nominations and that’s fine. It’s arguably one of the best summer blockbusters in the past 5-10 years and to read that a small minority of people think it should have never been made is just ludicrous!

We all know the plot by now, new dinosaur is created, it escapes and kills everything in sight and it’s up to the park’s operators and security to stop it, also with the help of DINOSAURS.

Chris Pratt as leading man Owen is awesome! It’s like they asked him to be just like Star Lord but instead of fighting aliens, fight dinosaurs! He has great comic timing, looks the part and has some fantastic cheesy lines. He is quickly becoming my favourite action/comedy actor. It’s crazy to think how far he’s come since the first season of Parks and Rec.

I knew little about Bryce Dallas Howard but she played the uptight Claire perfectly and didn’t mind getting her hands dirty when she needed too. It’ll be interesting to see her role in the sequel.

The brothers (Zach and Gray) have the usual older/younger sibling relationship which is tried and tested and works perfectly fine. At the cinema viewing I found myself yelling at them to “run!” and “what do you think you’re doing, don’t do that!”. I done exactly the same in the original Jurassic Park with those kids too (remember the kitchen scene!), so rest assured I found that a plus about this movie.

But saving the best till last, of course has to be the dinosaurs. All our favourite animals have returned along with some newbies and it’s great to see them back to their best. From the velociraptors to the new hybrid, as well as the return of old Rex, we were spoiled.

If I had to poke holes in it anywhere (and I had to think hard) it would be that the ending is predictable. However, I loved it even though I knew it was coming. Which begs the question, can I really class it as a criticism? On a side note, when the raptor jumped on top of the t-rex to then attack the indominus rex, I nearly lost my mind, it was amazing and possibly the greatest moment of cinema in all of 2015.

Any fan of the 3 Jurassic Park films should fall head over heels in love with this latest instalment. I don’t think it quite reaches the nerve tingling heights of the original but it comes pretty close.

As we know, a sequel has been announced and I’m intrigued as to where they can take it next. If I had to guess, I would go with a story involving InGen and their creation of dinosaurs that are built for military purposes. Now as long as they’re not fitted with guns which was previously rumoured, then I would be down with that.


Until next time…

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