Trailers of the week: 11th March 2016

Its time again for a selection of the biggest and best trailers of the week and there’s only one place to begin.

Captain America: Civil War

Well we are getting ever closer to the beginning of Phase 3 and who better than to kick it off than Chris Evan’s Captain America. Here he battles Tony Stark with fellow Avengers old and new joining both sides in a battle that’ll surely cause epic destruction. This trailer being especially awesome because we get our first glimpse of Tom Holland as the web-slinging Spiderman!


We got the first trailer last week, but here’s the latest international trailer with some new footage. There’s so much animosity towards this and it seems unfair, I know people are entitled to their own opinion, but come on! It looks like a lot of fun and this new trailer had me laughing and I’m especially looking forward to some of the gadgets they’ll be using.

Hardcore Henry

This looks like an absolute roller-coaster of a film and I cannot wait to ride it. Certain to be non-stop action, you view it all from “Henry’s” perspective and he doesn’t have it easy. Would be very keen to watch this whilst donning a virtual reality headset

A Hologram for the King

Tom Hanks stars in this dramedy which takes him to Saudi Arabia where he finds love, friendship and no doubt himself along the way whilst trying to set up a virtual meeting room for the King. A premise we’ve seen 100’s of times but I’m sure will give you a nice warm fuzzy feeling.


DON’T WORRY! Dwayne Johnson isn’t returning for a sequel and this is definitely not a reboot. This is in fact for the new “Doom” video game and this purely focuses on the multiplayer part. Now I wouldn’t class myself as an expert gamer but I dabble and this looks like a lot of fun. I remember playing the original “Doom” on my SNES so I am keen to see what the new one is like.

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