Trailers of the week: 18th March 2016

Its time again for a selection of trailers that were released this week. Enjoy.

Sausage Party

Seth Rogan and pals have dipped in to the world of animation as they played a range of different foods and products. After being purchased at the supermarket, they find out the horrifying truth that they get cooked and eaten. This looks fun, silly and will have way to much profanity but I’m in! I can’t wait for when a parent takes their child to see it, it’s bound to happen.

Now You See Me 2

The four horseman return in the “not so sure if it was needed” sequel. I wasn’t a fan of the first one and I was hoping the addition of Harry Potter himself Daniel Radcliffe would spark my interest but sadly not. My guess is that nothing will make sense until the last 5 minutes which is when they reveal how they done it.  It won’t be short of cool effects though, so, that’s a plus I suppose.

Central Intelligence

Dwayne is everywhere at the minute! He’s a busy man and although not the greatest actor of our time he is certainly the hardest working. Here he teams up with (also seemingly everywhere) Kevin Hart as they take on criminals and all sorts. I’m sure it will have a few laughs and plenty of OTT action.


I’ve never seen the original Ben-Hur, but I did go and watch a live version of it at the O2 with my dad a few years ago and (apart from the chariot race) found it rather dull. This looks along the lines of Gladiator so will be giving it a try, although I must admit these historic films aren’t my cup of tea.

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