Say hello to the new Finding Dory characters!

As most of you are aware, this summer includes the release of the highly anticipated sequel to Pixar’s 2003 smash hit Finding Nemo, the simply named Finding Dory. It looks fantastic and today, Pixar have released some images of new characters as well as some old faces you already know. So to whet your appetite let’s take a look at the new characters that will grace our cinema screens in June.

First up is an Octopus named Hank, voiced by Ed O’Neill, best known for his role as Jay in Modern Family.


Then we have a whale shark, Destiny, who is voiced by Kaitlin Olson (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia).


Next up is a Beluga Whale called Bailey, and Ty Burrell (also of Modern Family fame as Phil) voices this character.


The Affair’s Dominic West and Luther’s Idris Elba voice a pair of sea lions called Rudder and Fluke.


Even though Dory did, we can’t forget about Dory’s parents who are Charlie and Jenny, voiced by the fantastic duo of Eugene Levey and Diane Keaton.


I have one more set of characters to show you and these could turn out to be the stars of the film, purely for just how adorable they are. Check out these baby sea otters, aren’t they the cutest!


But don’t fear folks, there’s still Crush, Squirt, Mr Ray and of course Marlin and Nemo, all voiced by their original actors so everyone’s favourites are still included.

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  1. I should be getting really excited for this as Finding Nemo was a movie of my childhood, but for some reason I don’t seem to be getting at all giddy about the film. The first trailer was okay but badly edited I found – I am much more looking forward to The Incredibles 2!


  2. I am a huge Pixar fan and a Pixar movie to me is like, the movie of the year. I never leave till the light shuts off. ☺ Despite that, I grudingly state Pixar seems to be sinking into sequel mode. The trailer for Finding Dory just feels, lacklustre. With lots of rehashing of jokes from 2003. Do hope the actual movie is better. To be honest, havent been thrilled by a Pixar movie sice TS3.


    • It’s a shame you haven’t been thrilled since TS3. I agree that their movies haven’t been as strong as some of their earlier hits but I loved Brave and I liked Monsters University, although not as much as Monsters Inc. I have got The Good Dinosaur but I’ve yet to watch it so I can’t comment on that. I hope that the trailer doesn’t put you off of seeing it as I’ve got a really good feeling about this one but I am biased when it comes to Finding Nemo! 😄


  3. Can’t wait! 🙂

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