The Walking Dead Season Six Finale: Last Day on Earth

What an unbelievable finale we saw last night on The Walking Dead! When the group was on foot, car headlights were switched on and after some creepy whistling, the gang were surrounded by at least 50-60 Survivors and I could barely breathe! In fact, for the entire episode my stomach was in knots and the introduction of Negan was amazing. He is going to be a great villain next season. Jeffery Dean Morgan is a cool guy anyway, but put Lucille (a baseball bat with barbed wire wrapped round it) in his hand and he becomes even cooler. I was worried that the introduction of him was going to be brief but we got a good 5-6 minutes of him which doesn’t sound like lots but trust me, he had everyone who was kneeling in front of him (and the millions of people watching round the world) in the palm of his hands.


Having never read the comics I’m not sure what to expect from Negan, but it’s obvious that he’s going to be a big pain in the ass to Rick and the guys.

However, we do know that someone will not be joining us next season as the cliff-hanger left us with Negan beating one of our beloved characters to death with Lucille. It will no doubt be a hot topic over the coming months and I have been informed that in the comics, Glenn is his victim. But I think it’s too obvious to follow that.

My first choice is Abraham, purely because although he is part of the main group, and losing him would be a shock, I don’t think it’d anger the fans like it would if it was Daryl or Rick.

My second choice is Michonne, being Rick’s love interest, losing her would bring back a side of Rick we haven’t seen in a long time and would fuel his revenge on Negan and the Survivors.

My third choice is Carl because…well, I just hate Carl.


Let’s not forget about Carol and Morgan though, and the new chums they met. What about the people still back at Alexandria, what are those guys going to think when the group (minus one member) return? And poor Tara, she still doesn’t even know that Denise is dead!

I think this has been a strong season, in fact I’d say it could be my favourite of them all. And the mid-season premier probably edges it as the best episode for me, putting it slightly ahead of last nights’ finale but even though last night there was minimal action, the tension throughout was unbearable and made it great to watch.

So that’s another one over and done with, now all we have to do is wait 5-6 months till the start of season 7 and it’ll be here before you know it.


Thanks for reading.

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