My Adam Sandler Rant

Adam Sandler, he was arguably one of the best loved comedians of the 90’s and certainly made 2 of the greatest films of my teen’s in “Happy Gilmore” and “Billy Madison”. I mean, you weren’t considered cool unless you knew the words to the Billy Madison Redemption Song or Shooter McGavin’s rhythmic threats. It’s a shame that he can’t quite seem to recreate those kinds of films for today’s audience, albeit not for the want of trying.


I didn’t bother going to watch “Pixels” at the cinema and I lasted no more than 15 minutes with his first of four Netflix movies, “The Ridiculous Six”. His next one is called “The Do-Over” and with his co-star being David Spade, I’m not holding out for a return to form.

My first thoughts were that I’ve outgrown Sandler films and that it’s just a part of becoming an adult, but I can still watch Happy and Billy whilst laughing like I was 15 again. Then I thought, maybe he’s created a new kind of comedy that the teens of today will appreciate, so I asked their opinions about his recent films and they all agreed that they were garbage.

Which begs the question, why Sandler, why? Do you just not care anymore? Do you want to tarnish all those fantastic films you have made for utter rubbish like “Jack & Jill” and “That’s My Boy”? Surely it can’t be for money reasons? Maybe he still thinks he’s as funny as he was back in the 90’s? I don’t know.

In my personal opinion, “Just Go With It” was his last genuinely funny film. I did find myself laughing at some parts of “Grown Ups” and “Blended” but they failed when it came to actual storytelling and plot.


I don’t want this to be a full on Sandler-bashing because I do class him as a comedy great and one of my personal favorites. If you haven’t seen any of his stuff from Saturday Night Live, then look it up on YouTube as he’s had some great sketches on there. His first (and sadly, probably his last) collaboration with Disney called “Bedtime Stories” was great, kids loved it, even adults too and it had some hilarious performances. Let’s also not forget the first 2 films he done with Drew Barrymore, “The Wedding Singer” and “50 First Dates”. Those are fantastic films that really do show off some of Sandler’s greatest comedy parts and even managed to bring a tear to my eye. There’s also “The Waterboy”, “Bulletproof”, “Airheads”. That’s the Sandler that I love.

I have read that people want him to give up on the comedy game and go for a more serious approach, but I just can’t see that working. I want him to find his missing mojo and go on one more run of absolute corkers just to prove to people that he hasn’t completely lost it.

Come on Mr Sandler, please, use your remaining two Netflix projects to give us all hope that you are still the comedy great that you once were. So do what I say…or you’ll pay! LISTEN to what I say! 🙂

Adam Sandler sings in a scene from the film 'The Wedding Singer', 1998. (Photo by New Line Cinema/Getty Images)


Thanks for reading.

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