Say hello to Elliot from this summers Pete’s Dragon

As a lot of you know, one of Disney’s lesser known and certainly less popular films is getting a remake and is released later on this year, Pete’s Dragon.

I loved the original as a kid and cannot wait to see the updated version this summer. We’ve already had the teaser trailer but over the weekend the first images of Elliot the Dragon were released. If you cannot remember the film, let me jog your memory and also check out the teaser trailer.

The 1977 original tells the story of an orphaned boy, Pete, and his imaginary dragon, Elliot, who is also his best friend. Together they escape from Pete’s horrible adoptive parents as he seeks a friendlier family.

I personally think Elliot’s new updated 21st century look is amazing. He’s huge, cute and looks a bit like a cat. He looks remarkably different to the cartoony version we get from 77’. One of my favourite qualities of Elliot was his deep muffled talking that sounded like gibberish so I hope they keep that in there. Take a look at the new Elliot for yourselves.


So what do you think of Elliot’s new look? Do you think this’ll be a hit or a miss from Disney this year?

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Definitely a hit! I loved it! Elliot was so magical! ♡

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