Captain America: Civil War – *CONTAINS SPOILERS*


I’m in a minority on this one, but I thought Captain America: Civil War was…meh. Maybe the bar in my mind was set pretty high, in fact, so was everyone else’s but for me, it came nowhere near it. Sure, there were some moments which I really enjoyed, however, a lot of it left me disappointed.

The latest Marvel adventure see’s the government trying to reign in The Avengers due to their actions from previous missions causing lots of damage and ultimately, civilian casualties. Iron Man agrees, Captain America doesn’t. It results in both guys recruiting other Marvel Superheroes and slugging it out. There’s some stuff thrown in about the Winter Soldier but it was clear that the main focus was on the fight between the two teams.


There’s no need for me to bore you of characters that you’ve already seen a handful of times. They’re all back once again plus a couple of newbies. The first being the latest attempt at Spiderman and I must say his short appearance in the film was probably my favourite part.

Young British actor Tom Holland gets his shot at the web slinging hero and I really thought he fit the bill. His humour was brilliant and he just has the perfect look of a young Peter Parker. I think his solo movie will be the best Spidey film yet.


Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War Spider-Man/Peter Parker (Tom Holland) Photo Credit: Film Frame © Marvel 2016

The second was Black Panther, played by Chadwick Boseman. He looked badass and I liked his character and also got a lot more screen time then I predicted. Not sure if I care as much about his solo film but we’ll wait and see.

So apart from Spiderman, what else did I enjoy about this film…ANT-MAN. His brief appearance was nothing short of hilarious and really showed how much they need Paul Rudd in these films as a bit of comic relief. Everyone else’s attempt at humour is growing so stale and they just seem to be rehashing the same old jokes. Without the inclusion of Spiderman and Ant-Man, the laugh-o-meter would have barely risen above ‘Smirking’ for me.


One more thing about Spiderman, I really wish they’d have attempted keeping him under wraps in the build up to its debut. It would have made Civil War just that extra bit special. I also wasn’t happy about waiting 10 minutes for a post-credits scene revealing to us all that Spiderman would be getting a solo movie. It would have been great had they not already announced it prior to its release.

The battle between both teams was immense, I think deep down that is all I wanted to see. Up until the fight I found myself at times bored and glancing at my watch thinking “surely they’re going to fight soon”. But it was worth the wait. The action was fast, furious and fascinating to watch. I need to watch it again just so I can observe in finer detail but watching Ant-Man tearing apart Iron Mans suit from the inside was a highlight.


I didn’t really care for the other side of this film where we find Baron Zemo trying to track down other super soldiers to what I thought would lead to an even bigger battle as the finale. With both teams coming together to destroy the super soldiers but instead Zemo shoots them when still cryogenically frozen. Boring.

I also think they really bottled it in terms of killing off a character. I knew Cheadle’s War Machine would survive purely because they teased his potential death in the trailer so that wasn’t a surprise. During the last battle I thought for a moment they might have finished off Stark for good which would have been huge but I should have known better really. It just seems silly to have so many characters and not have at least one of them meet their maker, even if it was an accidental death, it would have made things interesting.


Overall I’m giving it a 2 out of 5. I didn’t want to, honestly. I’ve loved all other Marvel films and I fear that I’m just getting a bit bored of them, the Avengers specifically. I feel that seeing the same bunch of characters is starting to take its toll on me. So maybe a complete change of members, or at least more screen time of others, would pull me back in. I won’t let it put me off from seeing future films as I’ll go and see Doctor Strange later on in the year and hope that seeing some different Marvel heroes re-ignites my Marvel interest. But I do worry that when Infinity War begins, I may not be as desperate to see it as I was with this.

If you think I’ve been harsh, then you should speak to my girlfriend…she hated it and is contemplating never watching another Marvel film again! And to be honest, I don’t blame her.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. I guess it’s overkill. I personally liked how there’s a slight twist to Baron Zemo, but my friend thought it was a huge letdown.


    • You make a valid point about Zemo, it is a different take on a villain.
      I was so shocked I didn’t like it, I’m tempted to watch it again just to make sure. It’s so rare for me not to enjoy a film that’s been praised by pretty much everyone and what my girlfriend and I spoke about was their lack of a female presence. Even though Scarlet Witch is arguably the most powerful Avenger they somehow made her seem quiet weak and helpless.

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      • Oh, I have to say I’m terribly glad they kept Wanda that way. I’ve never liked the Scarlet Witch and throughout the years I felt Marvel messed up with her powers. (Winds of what, change what??!) Then they went and well overpowered her. This version of her makes her a Jean copy. But frankly I’m more comfie with it.


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