Ghostbusters (2016)


I went to see the film that no one wanted, the film that couldn’t possibly work with women and the film that was certain to be the biggest flop in cinematic history. That’s right, I went to see Ghostbusters, and I tell you what, it was brilliant!

Ghostbusters, tells the story of 4 women who start up a ghost-catching business but get more than they bargained for when they have to battle an evil villain who lets loose thousands of ghouls across New York as well as trying to prove to the world that their profession isn’t a hoax.


Being a fan of the original I was excited about the reboot and even more so when they decided to hand the proton packs to a group of women. We all had our own selection and I managed to correctly guess half of the team. Those being Kristen Wiig and my personal favourite funny lady, Melissa McCarthy. The other two I only vaguely knew through SNL clips I’ve seen on YouTube, Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon. I wasn’t against the casting at all but I thought it was a brave decision to go for a couple of lesser-known comedians, but one decision that I think, paid off.

I enjoyed the comradery that these four women shared together. They bounced off of one another and you could see their delight in working alongside each other throughout the movie. I listened to an interview with Paul Feig and he said, unsurprisingly, that there are hours upon hours of great adlib that he just didn’t have room for.


You’d think that this being their first major roles, Jones and McKinnon would struggle against the comedy prowess of McCarthy and Wiig, but no one looked out of place. McKinnon infact, may of just edged ahead of the other three with a truly hilarious and zany performance that could turn her from TV, to movie regular.


Chris Hemsworth produced a great comedy character as Ghostbusters secretary Kevin. A man who could count his brain cells on one hand, if only he could count. A brilliant performance from Hemsworth who also chimed in with plenty of off-script hilarity. My favourite being Mike Hat.


Neil Casey played the villain, Rowan, who releases the ghosts using the same technology as the girls uses to trap them. I liked Rowan, his plan was simple and being a bit of an oddball made it all the more fun to watch.

It was also great to see a lot of the cast from the original movie making cameos throughout the film. There is a nice dedication to Harold Ramis that you need to keep an eye out for. I was hoping that Rick Moranis might have made an appearance but sadly it wasn’t to be.

The story as a whole was genuinely fantastic. I thought the coming-together of the group was well paced and didn’t feel dragged out at all. I was slightly less-impressed with the final third, I felt like it was all a bit thrown together and so much was happening I would of like to of seen the big finale battle scene a bit more focused on the team battling together rather than all fighting separately. That being said, all the effects with the ghost were awesome and some of the ideas for what they looked like and what kind of mayhem they caused were a credit to the creators of them all. The scariest for me being the mannequins.


So overall I am giving this a 4 out of 5 stars. It was a great effort at a reboot and although it had a few minor flaws, this will certainly be one to add to my Blu-Ray collection sitting proudly next to the 1984 original. I would love to see a sequel and to see these 4 ass-kicking women tackle more ghosts and ghouls in the future.


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