Tom Hardy, the man just oozes charisma, charm and even I’ll admit he is one handsome chap. He’s been in some cracking movies over the past few years and is certainly now regarded as a big box office draw but this film went under the radar a bit and isn’t the type of role you’d expect to see him in.

The film is Locke. Here he leads as Ivan Locke, a successful construction manager travelling from Birmingham to London. But over the course of 90 minutes, his life changes forever, losing everything around him.

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Directed and written by Steven Knight, this film is shot entirely from the premise of a car. My first thoughts were that it was going to be along the same lines as Colin Farrells “Phonebooth” but I was wrong. It was much more intimate and was nice to see Tom Hardy playing a part that doesn’t require having him out-muscle everyone and providing them with the psychotic look. He is just a normal guy who’s made a mistake.

Supporting cast I here you ask? Well apart from all the flashing lights of signs and other vehicles along the motorway, all other cast members come through in the form of a car phone. Most notable are his wife Katrina played by “The Affair’s” Ruth Wilson, his colleague Donal played by “Sherlock’s” Andrew Scott and Bethan played by “Broadchurch’s” Olivia Colman.

A film that takes place in a car for all 90 minutes might not sound like a great movie plot for most people (unless you’re a fan of Top Gear) but this isn’t here to promote BMW’s latest motor. This is a story about love, loss, highs and lows all from the front seat of a car. I wasn’t totally convinced at the start that this was going to work and I was worried that the story would quickly become stale. However, as each different part of his live begins to fall apart phone call after phone call, I felt a sorrow for this beaten man and I was soon rooting for him to succeed in his attempt to save his marriage and also the building he is desperate to see built. I can’t believe that I was sat on the edge of my seat anxious for this man to get the correct type of concreate and desperately pleading with a councilman to put his curry on hold so that he’d sort out some street closure issues.


I think Tom Hardy is incredibly talented and will no doubt be one of Britain’s most iconic actors for years to come. But please Mr Hardy, I beg you to avoid playing a Welshman again as I’m afraid your accent was terrible. It wasn’t until 15 minutes in to the movie that I realised he was supposed to be Welsh.

Accent aside though, he was great and watching his life unravel in front of him was, at times, heart-breaking. I also enjoyed everyone’s contributions through the means of Bluetooth, my favourite being Andrew Scott. Using just his voice he is able to demonstrate a vast array of emotions that most actors on screen could only dream of.

Overall I am going to give this 3 out of 5. I don’t think it’d be a film I would sit down and watch again but overall it was a risky experiment but one that I felt payed off.


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