A Muppets Christmas Carol

Lauren and I hosted our annual Christmas Jumper Movie Night on Sunday and once again it was a great success. It’s an evening we (mainly Lauren) organise at our local cinema for our friends and families to come along, get in the festive spirit and watch a surprise Christmas film of Lauren and I’s choosing.

Last year was Home Alone 2, this year we went for the ever-so-festive and absolute classic, A Muppets Christmas Carol.


I managed to hold off from watching it this year in preparation for the festive evening and I’m glad I did.

It’s by far the best Muppet movie and I’d say it just sneaks in to my top 5 Christmas films as well. Although I’ve got a few to watch this year so who knows what might happen.



We all know the story, written by Charles Dickens, of Scrooge and the visit of 3 ghosts (Past, Present, Future) which ultimately saves and turns him in to a bloody nice chap. There are some incredibly dull versions out there, but as it “tis the season” I won’t name and shame. The Muppets however, manage to keep it reasonably light-hearted, funny and throw in a handful of great songs.


All your favourite Muppets are there, Kermit, Miss Piggy, Gonzo, Fozzy and Rizzo, to name a few. But the biggest hit is Michael Caine. What fun he is to watch as the nasty Scrooge who slowly, as each ghost visits, realises the errors of his ways and vows to change and become a better man. He even joins in on the musical front a few times, not the best voice but he gives it his all (think Russell Crowe in Les Mis).



It’s also nice to see a Muppet film without an endless supply of cameo appearances, as the only actor I recognised in this is Mr Caine himself. But I suppose this isn’t the type of movie you can throw Ryan Gosling in as one of the Marley’s, it’d be a bit weird and would distract from the cold, hard story that is being told at the beginning.


I really do belly laugh at this film. One of my favourites being towards the end of the movie as Gonzo is summing up the film. Rizzo asks about the fate of Tiny Tim, which Gonzo replies, “And Tiny Tim (looking glumly at the camera)…who DID NOT DIE!” It gets me every time.


The visuals are awesome, a Victorian looking London is always nice to see, especially at Christmas and they do not hold back on the inclusion of muppets, there are hundreds of them. It’d be interesting to know what film has used the most Muppets (excluding the bigger Muppet names).


And the songs are fantastic, I own the soundtrack and load it on to my phone every Christmas without fail. “One More Sleep Till Christmas” and “Thankful Heart” are my two favourites.

My only bug about it, is the removal of “When Love Is Gone” from the DVD. On my VHS version it is sung when a young Scrooge and his fiancé(?) split up with Scrooge watching on helplessly at his mistake. Maybe it was just a bit too sad and they decided to cut it, still a very good song though.


Overall I give this a festive 4 out of 5, it has everything you want from a Christmas movie and it’s sure to leave you feeling in the Christmassy mood. It has just the right amount of laughs, tears and songs.

I read that Michael Caine said it will forever be one of his most memorable roles and one he enjoyed the most, and who can blame him.


Thanks for reading…Merry Christmas.

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