Wonder Woman

After the disappointment of Batman Vs Superman and Suicide Squad, it was time to give DC a third and final chance to flip my feelings about them with Wonder Woman. And you know what, it wasn’t half bad. It’s no masterpiece but it is the best film to come out of the DC Universe and gives me hope for the future.


Before Wonder Woman she was Diana, Princess of The Amazons. Trained to be an unconquerable woman on a remote island, she lives a peaceful life until a pilot crash lands and changes her life forever. Diana takes it upon herself to venture into the outside world to stop the war to end all wars, to discover her true powers and her ultimate destiny.


Gal Gadot is amazing as Wonder Woman. From looks to her personality, it just feels like the perfect fit and from start to finish, her character drew me in. It was great to see a woman being the dominant hero but doing so in such a fearless and selfless way that we are yet to see in any superhero movie.

Chris Pine as Captain Steve Trevor is…exactly the same character that Chris Pine is in EVERY movie. He was a bit boring and him constantly babysitting Diana almost got to the point of being frustrating.


Normally, I’m not a fan of origin films, I much prefer seeing superheroes doing their jobs when they’ve got all their powers. But for the first hour, I was captivated by the creation of Diana. I enjoyed the story of the Amazons and the battle between Zeus and Ares, God of War. The mystical island where she was raised without a man in sight was beautiful. Seeing the way the Amazons lived and Diana growing from a child in to a warrior was awesome. She can certainly fight and knows how to handle a sword.

When they leave the island and head to the outside world, that’s when the film loses some of its magic. Diana getting accustomed with the way “our world” works is mildly amusing but we have seen it all before. Lucy Davis is funny as Trevor’s assistant but what we see in the trailer is almost all we see of her in the film.


The villains are an issue for me, I just think they aren’t in the same league as Wonder Woman. General Ludendorff (Danny Huston) and Dr Poison (Elena Anaya) think up some diabolical ideas and there are a couple of villainous scenes but I just think they fall short of causing Diana any real problems. And looking at the past two DC films, a memorable villain is certainly lacking from these films so far. I hope we get one for Justice League.


I wasn’t sure how comfortable I felt with this comic book story being entwined with the very real and horrific World War 1. I thought it had done a good, respectful job up until No Man’s Land and from then on, I felt just a bit…awkward.

However, it is by far the best DC movie out of the there and hopefully this pattern will continue with Justice League on the horizon. The first half of the film was fantastic, captivating and completely changed my opinion in that origin stories can be exciting and well shot. Sadly the second half just went way off course. It could have been much better had they of focused more on the Amazons mystical island and perhaps having it come under threat a bit more than it originally did.

I’m going to give this a promising 3 out of 5 stars. Wonder Woman was amazing and did not put a foot wrong. In fact, I think she has sneaked in to pole position as my favourite female superhero. And although far from perfect, I am now looking forward to the Justice League movie and what DC’s plans are for the future. Something I never thought I’d say after the first two shower of sh…


Thanks for reading.

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