Master Of None – Season 2


I‘m so happy I started up a series on my YouTube channel called What to Watch on Netflix, or else I probably would’ve never found Master Of None. And luckily enough, just as I finished the first series, the second had just been released.

Here’s me (and Lauren) chatting about the first series:

We could not wait to sink our teeth in to the second series and we watched the whole thing within a week.

Season two starts off in Italy and you’d expected Dev to be feeling a bit down in the dumps after his split with Rachel but he looks to be having a wonderful time in Modena learning the art of pasta making. And what’s so great about this episode is that it’s filmed in black and white and is subtitled due to the dialogue being mostly Italian. I know that overall it’s not really THAT impressive, however it’s cool to see a show go down that route and not be afraid of changing it up a bit. When Arnold come’s to visit Dev in the second episode, they get up to all sorts of fun and foodie adventures, this is my favourite episode out of both seasons because we get plenty of Arnold.


I love Arnold! He is my favourite character in television. Here is a guy who isn’t jaw-droopingly handsome nor does he have a 6-pack, I’m in the same boat as you Eric Wareheim. Yet his confidence and personality is so uplifting. He has the ultimate “I don’t give a shit what people think” attitude and it’s something that has inspired me to be a bit more like Arnold in my own life.


We don’t spend too long in Italy, and after a couple of episodes Dev is back and hosting new cooking show “Clash of The Cupcakes” which is a zanier version of The Great British Bake Off but if it were to be made in to a actual show…I would definitely watch.

From here onwards, we follow Dev as his stock rises and becomes “TV BFF’s” with Jeff, played by the awesome Bobby Cannavale. Jeff is a loveable guy, he’s the person you want at your party and if you’re lucky enough to get an invite to one of his, you make sure you go. The problem is, is Jeff too good to be true?


And what about Denise I hear you cry! Well she gets her own dedicated episode focused on thanksgivings throughout her life as her mum and auntie come to terms with her sexuality. Another truly great episode.


The romance runs a bit thin in this series. That’s not to say there isn’t any completely, but there’s a definite lack of it this season. Dev has his eye on a particular lady and we see it play out as more of a “will they, won’t they” scenario which pulls a bit less on the heartstrings.

master-azizI’m happy to admit I’m not really a cool person. I’m a bit nerdy, bit weird and I love everything Disney.  But when watching this, I feel cool as a cucumber! (sayings like this is why I’m not actually cool) It makes me want to go out and try new things, visit new places and eat at cool new restaurants.


Overall, this is one of the best shows that I have ever seen. I never thought I would find a show so compelling and wonderful since This Is Us finished but after stumbling across Master Of None, it’s actually gone straight in at the top.

There is no doubt in my mind that this is a full on 5 stars and I shall be sure to re-watch the hell out of it until we get a third series.


Thank you Anziz Ansari for helping a 30+ bearded nerd, feel a little bit cooler.

Thanks for reading.

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